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  1. Well if your lucky too have a fully custom map you can do a border like A3L and start expanding as the server gets more popular I still think its best to stick with emita or go for cicada
  2. personally it depends more on the amount of players on the server if its gonna be really popular you want a big map but to start off you want something small
  3. the porn part was a joke
  4. Going around liking everting I see

    1. Isaac wolf

      Isaac wolf

      Pretty much haha

  5. Hi I am Dan some of you may know me I'm 20 and have been a member of many of lifemans communities I am a programmer I operate in the languages Lua, HTML, HTML5, CSS and currently trying to learn Java and the Arma syntax, I am from the united kingdom I work as a chef I cook the most amazing food ever I am also a really friendly person so don't be afraid to come an chat with me in teamspeak.
  6. Bowling, paintballing, go karting and in game internet with ability to have companies websites on and emailing and porn sites
  7. Approved for Pre-Alpha - Terance P.
  8. I personally enjoy emita I remember the good old days robbing the bank and stuff it is an excellent map with loads of stuff to do.

ArmA Roleplay

Welcome to ArmA Roleplay! ArmA Roleplay is a roleplaying community being made from scratch with skilled developers and awesome staff team..

ArmA Roleplay Requirements

• Microphone

• Civilian Application

• 15 Years old or older (Can be under but only accepted by high end staff)

• Read the rules

• Teamspeak 3

• ArmA Roleplay Launcher

How to join ArmA Roleplay

In order to join ArmA Roleplay you must fill an Application for Civilian and then be accepted by one off our staff members.

Civilian Application: Application Template

Copy the template and make a post here: Post Application Here

Now just wait for someone to look at it. .

What is ArmA Roleplay?

ArmA Roleplay is a roleplaying communit for ArmA 3 and we are building a brand new mod with a brand new framework from scratch.

We have developers with over 7 Years off experiences with ArmA development.

ArmA Roleplay is also a place for you to just hang out and play other games then just Arma, come talk to us on our own teamspeak server! .