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  1. wait yesterday or? im bad with dates and lazy
  2. oooo thanks for clearing it up I misunderstood
  3. Sooo basically the server is still up but you have to ask to be given access into the server and then test stuff out ooorrrrr what?
  4. hhhmmm what if they where used twice and then dissapered
  5. Damn it the suggestion @Ian made that could fix arma didnt work :/ anybody got any ideas... i posted a video a while back on my twitter on what happenes


  6. wait is there still the prime member sale on?
  7. Ok so 14 out of the 130 amount of people voted
  8. Yeah I want mine swapped to 2nd as well if it's no problem (@Ian definitely isn't threatening me either... please help!!!)
  9. well i guess starting of small is ok but after a month or so if we earn maybe... 50 lovely new members in a month then we can change to taunus? i know in all 50 wont make a HUUGE difference but if 50 people join in a month and not ALOT of people know about this server then thier friends will find out and then their rfiends friends and then more and more also if people are gonna buy houses then a couple of towns is definetly needed. Also a bigger map gives more opportunities like.... an airline, a limo company, more taxis and jobs and genarally a much nicer expirience (in my opinion)
  10. actually...... Taunas is bigger... would make having air vehicles alot more fun and gimme mo vehicles! in the small map as emita (English no good to :P) people would mainly buy certain vehicles fit for the quicker turns
  11. or those with money depends on their crime tho
  12. I was hoping to join the police in some secret force made of people outside of the police force that the police can trust as a lawyer i could gather information about my clients and see what illegal activities they do on a regular basis. My carachter only helps the inocent!
  13. Oh phew haha I think my friends @_Rook_ and @twangerman would get the wrong idea if I started using the internet even if I was checking out companies or emailing people
  14. Going around liking everting I see

    1. Isaac wolf

      Isaac wolf

      Pretty much haha

  15. +1... except for the porn part first of all arma porn? Second of all add in real life porn into this game? I don't think arma would be very happy any way like the ideas

ArmA Roleplay

Welcome to ArmA Roleplay! ArmA Roleplay is a roleplaying community being made from scratch with skilled developers and awesome staff team..

ArmA Roleplay Requirements

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• Read the rules

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ArmA Roleplay is a roleplaying communit for ArmA 3 and we are building a brand new mod with a brand new framework from scratch.

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