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  2. The prices are convenient when we take a look at what other websites sells. I have no problem with the prices and I think they are fair and good. طراحی سایت
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  5. Original Name: Cecil Warsaw Requested Name: Bryce Borchert plz this current name is really gay Changed - Terance P.
  6. [ADDED] = Something new has been added [FIXED] = Fixed a bug [REMOVED] = Something has been removed [TWEEK] = Something was changed [WIP] = Work in progress [BUG] = known bug watch out! Developers Credits: Nais - Lead Developer - Programmer, Graphic Designer and 3D Design [ADDED] Robbery System, You go up to a shop table and it Shift + E to rob. - Credits: Nais [ADDED] SMS, You can now message player via your phone - Credits: Nais [ADDED] 911 Message, You can now message 911 - Credits: Nais [ADDED] EMS Message, You can now message the EMS - Credits: Nais [ADDED] Starving, You would now need to eat and drink else you die. - Credits: Nais [FIXED] Not able to delete some contacts from your phone contact list - Credits: Nais [BUG] Housing may not be loading sometimes, being worked on!.
  7. [ADDED] = Something new has been added [FIXED] = Fixed a bug [REMOVED] = Something has been removed [TWEEK] = Something was changed [WIP] = Work in progress [BUG] = known bug watch out! Developers Credits: Nais - Lead Developer - Programmer, Graphic Designer and 3D Design Terance Perkins - Senior Developer - 3D Design & Addons [ADDED] SpikeStrips for the police - Credits: Terance for 3D model and texture & Nais for coding. [ADDED] Radio into Emita Clothing Store - Credits: Nais [ADDED] More Gear to Police shops - Credits: Terance [ADDED] Jail saving into the database now, players will return to jail if they disconnect now - Credits: Nais [TWEEK] Glock price to 15k - Credits: Nais [FIXED] Driver Licenses taking 400 dollars instead of 200 dollars - Credits: Nais [FIXED] Highend dealer spawn. - Credits: Nais
  8. Hello I am Frank, I just joined joined this community but I hope to meet and befriend everybody in this thread and on the server. some bullet points about me Shit at gunfights loves roleplay Enjoys caffeine And here is a link in you had a shitty day.
  9. Hello Pablo Pablo, Thank you for your suggestion, here at ArmA Roleplay, we have discussed the prices of all items with each development member. The prices are supposed to be like this. However, the only complaints about prices are those that involve the weapons. Some weapon prices have already been changed. Sincerely, Terance Perkins Head Administrator
  10. Every price on the server needs to be re-done. It wouldn't take long but it would make the server already more enjoyable.
  11. Greetings, Our Alpha Server is finally out and running. We hope to see you all in the game. Please ensure you have the updated addons to join. If you have any questions or issues joining, our staff team is ready to help you. All addons and server information can be found on the TeamSpeak for all ArmA Roleplay members that are already registered civilians. Sincerely, Terance Perkins Head Administrator
  12. Thank you for your suggestion! I like this idea and I think we might add this into the server.
  13. +1 you are best admin!
  14. I like this idea. +1
  15. +1
  16. I believe that there shouldn't be separate mining zones for iron diamond and gold, I feel that it should be an open mining zone and that when you go and mine there would be a percentage to what you would get randomly. It could be 70% chance for iron, 20% chance for gold, and a 10% chance for diamond and the probability of getting better items will go up the higher your mining skill is. Also, if you think about it when everyone gets a higher skill level in mining they will just go and do diamonds which will most likely be worth the most, this will make it to where it is more balanced for new players and experienced players to make money.
  17. I'm glad to finally help out the community in a much greater role than before. I'm happy to be apart of the team!
  18. I just wanna welcome our new Senior Developer also known as our Head Administrator, Terance Perkins. Terance Perkins will be making most of our 3D models and the reason for me placing him in this rank for our development team is because he knows how to 3d model, some coding (Still learning abit), Textures, use Object builder for making models work ingame and he is also a very active community member and i feel like he can bring alot to our development team. Welcome @Terance Perkins to the ArmA Roleplay Development Team!
  19. Original Name: Pablo Requested Name: Pablo Pablo Changed - Terance P.
  20. Forum Name Change Request Thread Please copy the template below to make it easy for us to change your name on the forums. Please remember that your new name must be a roleplay name that consists of a first and last name. As well please remember that we can deny a name request if it violates our rules and/or deemed immature. Please request below in the comment section of this thread. Original Name: Requested Name:
  21. Greetings, As we all may be aware we are extremely close to the release of our Alpha version of our server. However, we need to get the community ready for the roleplay experience. This means we are implementing a new rule. This rule will state the following, "Thou must have their name on all ArmARoleplay assets as their roleplay name". In-depth, we are requiring all members to have a roleplay name, that consists of a First and Last name. This roleplay name must be set on all ArmARoleplay assets, which are the Forums, TeamSpeak, and in-game accounts. Violation of this rule will have no consequences, however, ArmA Roleplay Staff will not allow a member to play on our server without the cooperation of this rule. If you already have a first and last name set on our assets, you will have no worries from this no rule, however please ensure that it is set for your TeamSpeak and in-game account. You can find a name change request thread here for your forum name: Sincerely, Terance Perkins Head Administrator
  22. Meeting Recording:
  23. Approved for Pre-Alpha - Terance P.
  24. Approved for Pre-Alpha - Terance P.
  25. This was yesterday
  26. wait yesterday or? im bad with dates and lazy
  27. Hello, We will be holding a community meeting at 21:00 GMT+1 on the 29.05.2017. We will be talking about future plans and the alpha launch!
  28. Approved for Pre-Alpha - Terance P.
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ArmA Roleplay

Welcome to ArmA Roleplay! ArmA Roleplay is a roleplaying community being made from scratch with skilled developers and awesome staff team..

ArmA Roleplay Requirements

• Microphone

• Civilian Application

• 15 Years old or older (Can be under but only accepted by high end staff)

• Read the rules

• Teamspeak 3

• ArmA Roleplay Launcher

How to join ArmA Roleplay

In order to join ArmA Roleplay you must fill an Application for Civilian and then be accepted by one off our staff members.

Civilian Application: Application Template

Copy the template and make a post here: Post Application Here

Now just wait for someone to look at it. .

What is ArmA Roleplay?

ArmA Roleplay is a roleplaying communit for ArmA 3 and we are building a brand new mod with a brand new framework from scratch.

We have developers with over 7 Years off experiences with ArmA development.

ArmA Roleplay is also a place for you to just hang out and play other games then just Arma, come talk to us on our own teamspeak server! .